Drew Aizpurua

Director of Client Relations

Drew Aizpurua is an incomparable asset and essential member to any and every team of which he is a part. He believes that giving one’s 100% is quite the only way to be and accepts nothing less. This is evident in the many successful events that he has curated, produced, styled, executed, directed, and managed over his quite impressive 20+ year tenure in special event creation, production, and execution. With his electric personality, superior people skills, and unmatched attention to detail, Transcendent Law Group drives him to potentials that are unparalleled to none. Happily serving as TLG’s Director of Client Relations he has always played a vital, valuable, and important role in the community, working/partnering with many organizations, and having the honor to sit on several of those organization’s board of directors. His passions include philanthropy, social justice, human rights, and ensuring that EVERYONE he is with in a room is having the BEST of times.

 After COVID-19 hit, he was an integral part in helping the New Orleans gig economy, LGBTQIA+ community, and all workers in the community by helping prepare and serve meals to residents in the French Quarter and surrounding areas along with TLG’s own Sarah Manowitz in a time when many lost their jobs and some their lives due to the pandemic.

Drew has received and holds a gallery of acknowledgements, accolades, and proclamations for his work in event creation/production, business management, show direction, and musical arts. The Mayor of New Orleans issued him a special City Proclamation thanking him for helping to “Bring New Orleans Back!” after Hurricane Katrina in 2008.

Drew is a Baton Rouge native, however after moving ‘Uptown’ to attend Loyola University New Orleans, he’d start to realize New Orleans was to be his true home. He is a proud son, brother, godfather, and diehard LSU and Saints fan, enjoying watching gameday at venues across the Crescent City.   

The horizon is not the finish; it is simply another line to be crossed.” I can tell you Michelle Craig is THE deal and there is nothing she cannot achieve. I am humbled and honored to work for an amazing woman who is not only a pilar in the legal community but one of the most intelligent, gracious, and compassionate humans I have ever met. She has set a ‘platinum’ standard in employment law and for her own employees that all members of the TLG team get to experience every day! Our team is “Simply the Best.

Drew Aizpurua
Director of Client Relations

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