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DiversiTea Nonprofit brings everyone back together for “Tea Talks”

The Founder of Transcendent, Michelle Craig, is also the founder of DiversiTea Divas, a nonprofit forum for professional women to network with and mentor the next generation of women, by bringing members together for “Tea Talks.” DiversiTea Founder Michelle Craig does not just talk the diversity talk, she also walks the walk. Throughout her career, she has been making sure diversity in the legal profession was a priority within her organizations. Craig was heavily involved in the diversity committee while working at several law firms, and she regularly spoke on diversity in the legal community. 

As a member of the Diversity Committee, Craig was also a co-chair of the Women in the Profession Committee, as well as a member of the National Bar Association, a frequent participant of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association events, and both the speaker and an attendee at the Corporate Counsel Women of Color.

In keeping with her passion for issues related to diversity, Craig founded DiversiTea Divas, a nonprofit that creates a pipeline for diverse students by providing professional mentors, to teach them about the good, the bad and the ugly in their respective professions. DiversiTea Divas provides an intimate forum for professional women to network with and mentor college-aged and high school students in an effort to prepare a new generation of women to enter the workforce. 

For mentees, DiversiTea provides a dynamic group of mentors ready and willing to pass on their wealth of experience. It also provides an opportunity for mentors to meet other professionals in their network. Craig is committed to making sure DiversiTea Divas provides positive change in her local and national community.

DiversiTea offers “safe spaces” and opportunities for both mentors and mentees to meet. In addition to introducing mentees to new and different cultural experiences, DiversiTea also focuses on making sure that mentees feel comfortable enough to ask questions and learn what they need to know professionally from receptive, caring women who show a genuine desire for the younger generation of women to succeed. 


DiversiTea understands the perseverance that professionals, both younger and established, must exhibit each day. As such, DiversiTea does more than merely introduce the mentor and mentee. The organization, and specifically the Tea meetings, offer a space that fosters community, commitment and openness. 

DiversiTea strives for the type of change and growth that is only effectuated by a continuous, sustainable relationship. Cultivating those relationships creates meaningful movement in workforce development in professional occupations, boosts positive outcomes in the respective fields, and helps make the path easier for young women.

One of DiversiTea’s goals is to a create a pipeline of information that results in shrinking the gap between obtaining a place in the workforce and staying in it. Access to information on the front end is the way to keep more diverse women on a path to success in their respective fields. In certain fields, diverse females disappear as members climb the professional ladder in their field. 

That explains why many of the managers and executives in professional careers are not diverse. DiversiTea believes one of the reasons is that diverse women do not have the information, the resources and the support they need to be as successful as they can be in their chosen fields. DiversiTea fulfills those needs, with over 500 participants to date, and with the goal of making a greater impact year after year.

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