Updated: March 2022

Transcendent Law Group is proud to be a woman-owned, diverse law firm. When we started in 2014, it was always the goal to build a high-quality firm that focuses on the depth of knowledge that can only be gained through experience and the different viewpoints that comprise our staff. As a woman owned business, we know just how important it is to support other women in business. Today, our founder and CEO, Michelle Craig, and Attorney, Rubi L Brown, share their thoughts and tips for fellow entrepreneurs.

Women Owned Businesses And The Pandemic

There’s no denying that the pandemic has had a largely negative impact on small businesses. According to U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the pandemic has disproportionately impacted the health of women-owned businesses. Even with these challenges more and more women are starting their own businesses – around half of which are also minority owned. Why are women starting more businesses? About 40% women who started a business during the pandemic stated to Gusto that it was a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting these businesses by shopping from them, and giving support with professional groups is key to their continued success.

Business Women Supporting Business Women

In the United States, more than 11.6 million businesses are owned by women. This accounts for 39% of all privately owned businesses, according to the National Association of Women Business Owners. Supporting women entrepreneurs is as simple as giving them your business. “Seek out women owned businesses and bring your business to them. Also, one supports other women in business by advocating for them.” says Rubi.

Michelle also notes that it’s important to advocate for women in business when they’re not in the room. “Get to know the work that other women do,” says Michelle. “Doing this gives us the words to persuade others to to try the products and services of lesser-known women owned businesses, and also helps you find other women with whom you can network.”

Make Lasting Connections

We know from experience that having a mentor is hugely beneficial especially to people just starting out or opening a new business!

“My first job out of law school was clerking for Judge Paula A. Brown. She is a gifted jurist and she was so willing to share her knowledge and experiences with me as her law clerk. She challenged and nurtured my skills and helped me become the attorney I am today. To this day, she continues to serve as a mentor to me. I am so grateful,” says Rubi. 

“A mentor is absolutely critical,” says Michelle. “I had a lawyer at all of my previous firms who took me under their wings and helped me to succeed. They did not have to help me but they definitely did. Now I try to pay it forward!”

New Orleans Groups For Business Women

In New Orleans there are many different groups for women in Business. Normally these groups meet in person to give time for networking and ongoing education. Now, with COVID-19 in mind, many of these groups are offering webinars instead to help us all utilize our time to learn, while keeping everyone safe. 

Reaching out to our community is so important, and a pillar of Transcendent Law Group. The following organizations are a big part of that:

Women Owned Businesses To Support In New Orleans

We know that supporting women’s businesses is key to lifting up our whole community. Keeping your funds as local as possible supports the families in your community! To keep you up to date on women-owned businesses in New Orleans we use the following references:

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