Diversity is at the core of the Transcendent Law Group. We work hard to not only hold diversity as a pillar of our business but to shine the light on diversity and inclusion in all workplaces.

For five years, Michelle has been part of the Louisiana SHRM Diversity Committee. Friday, January 31st marked their fifth Diversity and Inclusion Summit, where HR representatives, D&I officers and business leaders from across Louisiana gather to engage in discussions that promote everything from diversity awareness to action in diversity.

We are proud to have been a sponsor of this year’s Summit! Michelle was the moderator of the Diversity All-Star Panel, featuring Missy Sparks, Vice President, Talent Management at Ochsner Health Systems, Maria D. Buggage, Director of HR, Diversity & Inclusion, and Talent Development at Ampirical, Kevin Monroe, Market Vice President at Cox Communications, and Michael Williamson, President at United Way of Southeast Louisiana.

They discussed perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion in business, strategies for attaining a more diverse workplace, ways Talent Acquisition teams and Hiring Managers source and recruit diverse candidates, tactics for engaging employees in diversity initiatives and strategies to position supervisors/managers to foster diversity and inclusion efforts in the workplace.

Congratulations to Blue Cross Blue Shield for winning the SHRM Excellence in Diversity award!

This award was accepted by Rod Teamer, Director of Diversity Programs and Business Development at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana. Being a leader in addressing D&I matters in the workplace is so important, so thank you to Blue Cross for showing how important D&I is in business.

And thank you to the D&I summit committee for five years of excellent work!