Thank you for putting your trust in TLG for your legal matters.

As you may have seen on the news or social media, our Courthouses are closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and responding appropriately. TLG would like to reach out to inform our valued clients as to how we are responding and how we will continue to work on your behalf during this difficult time. 

First, here’s what we ARE doing:

  • WE ARE WORKING. As you know, TLG was built on a cloud-based, remote, flexible model. Accordingly, we will continue to serve our clients and our office lines will be active and answered during normal business hours. While we will be working remotely, rest assured that your case/matter will remain a priority and will not “just sit in a pile.” 
  • We are busy advising our school and business clients about how to navigate this situation. If you need assistance with structuring day-to-day operations, creating policies or obtaining resources, please reach out. 
  • We can file pleadings in Court. We will continue to move matters towards resolution. Several of our Courts have e-filing as an option. They are up and running and should not delay progress. 
  • We are still accepting your referrals! As always, new consults may be scheduled by contacting our office at 504-459-4557. For now, all consults will be conducted using Skype, Microsoft Teamviewer or Zoom. 

As for closures and other restrictions, here is the bad news: 

  • The Eastern District has suspended all non-case related public gatherings and events until further notice. We will continue to check the Eastern District of Louisiana website,, for regular updates. We are monitoring any changes in the scheduling of matters in the Civil District Court and surrounding parishes. 
  • They may begin rescheduling all hearings and appearances on the dockets and we are in constant contact with the Courts to get any information as soon as we can and pass it on to you. If you have an upcoming appearance date, you will get a call as soon as we get confirmation. As you can imagine, the Courthouses may be overwhelmed, but they are doing their best to reach out to everyone. 
  • We will be using social distancing at the office to make sure that we don’t add to the potential spread of the virus. As such, and in keeping with our longstanding goal of transcending the traditional law firm, most of our work will continue to be web-based, via online conferencing, and electronically conveying documents to both you and other lawyers. If you do need to stop by to sign a document, you will be welcomed and asked to use a conference room, which will have been sanitized prior to your arrival. Please understand that with those actions we are merely taking the requisite precautions. We recognize that each citizen, organization, and employer must do their part to help stop the spread of this virus. This is simply TLG doing its part. 

Please consider doing the same and respect these temporary conditions throughout the city and country.

 Thank you for your continued trust in us. We appreciate each of you.